2021/09/29 – Bier Trifft Pivo

2021/06/17 – Exhibition of Jiří Hroník

An invitation for Jiří Hroník’s exhibition at the Josef Sudek Studio.

2021/02/05 – Falkon Hypest Hype

A label for Falkon brewery. Hypest Hype is a delicious double dry-hopped IPA.

2020/09/30 – Karel Teige, Deníky

We have some wonderful work ahead of us! A graphic solution for the complete diaries of Karel Teige from the years 1912–1925.

2020/04/28 – Kold Brew

The label for Kold Brew, by Respekt Coffee. This time, it’s a blackberry Kenya Muchagara AB.

2020/02/07 – Ondřej Sekora vernissage

We produced the graphic material for the Ondřej Sekora retrospective exhibition. Organized by the Moravian Museum in Brno.

2020/02/04 – Falkon labels

We designed two new labels for the Falkon brewery. This time for the Sourberries series: Rosehip & Spruce Tips, Botanic Gose.

2020/02/15 – Poster for the film Figurant

We produced the poster and subtitles for the short film Figurant, starring Denis Lavant.

2019/11/27 – OST-RA-VAR festival

We created the logo and visual style for the XXII. iteration of the OST-RA-VAR theater festival, representing a cross section of Ostrava-based professional theater troupes.

2019/04/29 – Golden Ribbon Award 2019

The awards for the Golden Ribbon Award 2019 are out, and a special award for the Publishing Project of the Year goes to Punťa. We are very happy about this and would like to congratulate the Akropolis publishing house and the book’s authors, Pavel and…

2019/04/08 – The Most Beautiful Book of the ACADEMIA…

We worked on the graphic design for the literary chronicle of the First Republic, receiving 1st place in the Academia publishing house awards for the Most Beautiful Book

2019/04/06 – Punťa – 1st place

An award for the great polygraphic rendition of the book Punťa: The Forgotten Hero of Czech Comic Books (1934-1942).

2019/01/24 – Muriel Award for 2018

The Award for Contribution to Czech Comic Books was won by Punťa: The Forgotten Hero of Czech Comic Books (1934-1942). We congratulate authors Pavel and Lucie Kořínek! Published by the Akropolis publishing house and we are very grateful for the trust…

2018/06/02 – The European Design Award for Lighting…

We received another award for the graphic rendition of the LASVIT Lighting catalogue. This time it was third place at the European Design Awards 2018.

2018/04/26 – Falkon brewery label

The first label for the Sourberry. More will follow…

2018/04/23 – Euroluce 2018

We produced the visual presentation of the company LASVIT at Milan’s Euroluce event.

2018/04/17 – The Golden Semi-Colon 2017

1st place for the company catalogue The Beauty of Glass and the Grand Prix for graphic design awarded by The Golden Semi-Colon Awards. Thank you.

2018/03/14 – The tender for a new identity of the National…

The CZECHDESIGN organization organized a tender for the new visual style of National Gallery Prague. We were glad to take part.

2017/12/18 – New wrappers for the Kávový klub

2017/12/06 – LASVIT’s new catalogues in print.

2017/09/19 – Photo-shooting a new catalogue

Photographer Lukáš Pelech started by photographing a new edition of catalogues for the company LASVIT, and we provided the graphic solutions.

2017/07/01 – Tobě zahynouti nedám

We worked on the book Tobě zahynouti nedám published by Akropolis, a collection of Shoah short stories from the years 1945–1989.

2017/06/20 – vizuální styl prezentace Lasvitu na Euroluce…

2017/05/13 – Institute of State and Law

We are finishing the manual for a new visual style for the Institute of State and Law.

2017/04/25 – Golden Ribbon Award 2017

The book Před Komiksem was awarded the Golden Ribbon Award in the category of Literary Art Theory and Criticism for Children and Youth. Authors: Martin Foret, Tomáš Prokůpek. Graphic design: Symbiont

2017/04/19 – The most beautiful books of 2016

The book Před Komiksem received 3rd place in the competition for the Most Beautiful Czech Book of 2016 in the Expert Literature category.

2017/04/11 – PUNŤA – proposals

2017/02/05 – The book Před Komiksem featured on the…

2016/11/04 – Packaging for the LASVIT showroom in New…

We presented new packaging for the Glassware Collection of LASVIT, created in collaboration with the Činčera studio.

2016/10/21 – Food Film Fest

We created the logo for the Food Film Fest and the complete visual identity for this year’s event. Apart from cooking, the program will also feature documentaries, workshops and discussions.

2016/10/07 – Toužím uhasit svou žízeň

2016/06/20 – Lasvit Summer Summit

2016/04/18 – Invitation to Milan 2016

The invitation design for this year’s Milan convention for the company LASVIT was one of the best. More info here.

2016/04/17 – Euroluce 2016

A brochure made for the company LASVIT for the Euroluce Milan.

2016/04/08 – ARCHIW

Presentation of design proposals for the ARCHIW architectural studio.

2016/01/21 – Typo 9010

The book Typo 9010 — Czech Digitized Typefaces 1990—2010 is coming out this month. It also includes seven typefaces made by members of our studio.

2016/01/04 – Invitation design for Maison & Objet Paris

2015/11/10 – Oaks Prague


OAKS – Presentation of design proposals

2015/07/02 – The label for Kold Brew

2015/05/27 – Golden Ribbon Award 2015

2015/05/20 – logo La skala a redesign La fabriky

2015/03/23 – Symbiont in the Chois Gallery Magazine

We developed a visual style for the Uhlík architekti studio and the book History of Czechoslovakian Comics for the Chois Gallery magazine Vol. 31