Lasvit – Catalogues 2018/2019

Throughout the year, we received thousands of seemingly random photographs from our photographer Lukáš Pelech, followed by some unbelievable texts in the form of poetry, a madman’s monologue, or a dialogue between two drunkards overlooking Prague’s Letná. And we started getting the impression that these certainly wouldn‘t be standard catalogues made to present glistening products and stylized households tended by trim housewives. It turned out to be a visual and textual project which oozed courage and boldness, full of politically incorrect language and bursting with artistic freedom, which the entire team simply loved working on. And the gamble paid off – the catalogues received many awards, the most prestigious one being the bronze medal at the European Design Awards.

Year: 2017
Client: Lasvit
Design: Denisa Myšková, Ondřej Lím, Katka Orlíková
Photo: Lukáš Pelech

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