LASVIT – visual style

The company’s new logo and visual style was a project we worked on tirelessly, day and night. The typeface created by Tomáš Brousil of the Suitcase Type Foundry was based on our original logo design and exhibits a tension between strong and thin strokes, evoking the contrast of light and darkness, which was the main theme we worked with throughout the entire design process. The company’s color scheme also reflects this and is largely carried by black and white, while the entire color spectrum blooms like light refracting from a glass surface. LASVIT’s visual style has gradually seeped into a great number of atypical, original and perfectly crafted promotional materials.

Year: 2012
Client: Lasvit

Design: Denisa Myšková, Michal Smejkal, Ondřej Lím
Font: Lasvit

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