Nowadays, almost no one remembers Punťa the dog, but during his heyday – usually placed between the years 1934–1942 – he was one of the biggest stars of the local comics scene. He soon started actively communicating with his readers, ventured into illustrated prose, became a main protagonist of theater performances and the face of Punťa looked out at his fans from various other products: from buttons and costumes, to soap. This series, published by the Akropolis publishers, consists of two volumes. The first contains almost 200 episodes and a selection from the image series, and the second is involved with theory and the challenge of interpreting this unique hero’s world. Both volumes share a visual identity and the whole graphic and color rendition is inspired by original period materials. The box with books is made complete with small facsimiles of occasional and advertorial prints, as well as other related materials.

Year: 2018
Client: Akropolis publishing house
Design: Katka Orlíková, Michal Smejkal, Ondřej Lím
Typesetting: Jaroslav Vlček
Font: Euclid Flex

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