Institute of State and Law

Scientific research in the sphere of law and legal informatics, development of international collaboration, organizing conferences, seminars, collaboration with other institutions, universities and publishing activities – the department works under the auspices of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The graphic conception largely builds on the austere form of the institution’s name, working with framed segments in the form of a registry table or a set of building blocks. The segments can be stacked in various ways and other proposals for the logo always retain a logical progression of the institution’s name. Alternate versions can be used to enliven the visual style (this also applies to the English language version). The neutral Calibre typeface (Klim Type Foundry) combined with the flat features ensure a dignified style and minimalist aesthetic for all print materials. 

Year: 2017
Client: Institute of State and Law
Design: Michal Smejkal
Animation: Petr Miloš
Font: Calibre

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