Komedie theatre

Over the span of a few seasons, the theater troupe Divadlo Company.cz performed as part of the Komedie theater. The artistic team realized a project for the Centrum východní dramatiky (Center for Eastern Drama) which focused on the staging of new or rediscovered authors from the region of Eastern Europe. The unique dramaturgy played a central part on the international scene in presenting Polish theater plays and establishing contact between Czech and Polish dramatists. The initially austere typographic style of the posters gradually transformed through the use of portrait photography (David Turecký). The visuals were carried by the unique font Simplon, both in the standard and monospace versions. The rather raw, insistent character of the characters overlaps with a palette of saturated colors and color fields. In the case of covers for the more intimate monthly program format, we created a diverse array of typographic compositions.

Year: 2012–2016
Client: Komedie Theatre
Design: Michal Smejkal
Font: Simplon

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