Falkon brewery

Falkon is a “flying” independent brewery guided by the vision of its head brewer Jakub Veselý. They produce many types of beer and are not afraid to also brew some very non-traditional types. A simple typographic brand in the form of a winged letter F can be placed as part of the name, or can be used in its expanded version. The visual style is based in an assertive and direct black and white layer which comes alive on the label – a free palette of expression, image combination, illustration and colors. Complementing the brand, the Pilcrow typeface also makes for a precise and segmented layout. The contrast of order and freedom goes hand in hand with some delicious liquid content!

Year: 2015
Client: Falkon Brewery 
Design: Michal Smejkal
Photo: Symbiont, Radovan Paška
Font: Pilcrow, Replica

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