Respect Coffee

Since its early beginnings, The Respekt Coffee roastery has adopted an uncompromising stance and agenda which translate into the project’s name. Respekt – recognition and reverence for good coffee and the entire process, starting with the first selection of the best beans to roast, transporting them to their waiting customers, and ending with B2B service (mostly cafés and companies), respect is due to all those involved in the story of coffee. The visual style reflects this in its clear tone and streamlined typography. We opted for signaling yellow as the dominant color to show the urgency of the owners’ ethical code, and also for the fact that it is miles away from the field’s clichéd chocolate-caramel color scheme.

Year: 2019
Client: Respect Coffee
Design: Michal Smejkal
Cooperation: Katka Orlíková
Font: Euclid

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